I know I've seen some threads about this and I don't have a theory about why. But I second the others as far as doing what works for your hair. I've said it on other threads, but I don't think it's something that can be overemphasized. While we've all seen some of the amazing CG transformations that people share here, I know plenty if people with amazing curls who are not CG at all. I really believe that as long as you are consciously gentle with your hair and aware of keeping your hair properly moisturized, whether you're CG or not doesn't matter. I suspect that's why I've found that I can use some silicone products and get better results now than I got three years ago when my hair was dry. I use a gentle sulfate shampoo that's loaded with protein and pH balanced to be gentle, and alternate between that, a couple of low-poos and cleansing conditioners (most of which have coco betaine in case I use cones) and one extremely light straight conditioner for cowashing. Despite not being strict CG, my stylist was raving about how healthy my hair was when I went for my last cut.
It's your hair- do what works for you.

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