How many times a week do you wash your hair and why?
I wash my hair once or twice a week. Once a week seems to be how long it takes for the light oils in my products to build up and when my scalp starts to itch (sensitive scalp). I'll wash twice a week when I'm playing rugby because I get dirt and god knows what in my hair.

Do you co-wash/low-poo/something else and why have you made this decision?
I low poo only because I have low porosity hair. I don't like many conditioners in my cleanser. I'm looking for a cleanser to take all the gunk off my hair, not add anything to it. As long as I'm not over stripping my hair or coating it, I find my hair doesn't get as dry as it used to before CG.

I don't co-wash in between because I have an incredibly dry scalp. I have dry skin and get rashes and eczema on my body, so you might believe my scalp doesn't produce oil. Since my scalp doesn't get oily, I don't feel a need to co-wash. I just wet and condition my hair daily.

I don't use sulfates because I don't need to. I'm -cone free, heavy oil free and the non-sulfate cleansers in my low poo work effectively.

What washing techniques (so things like warm/cold water, etc) work particularly well for you? Why have you opted for them?
I always use warm to hot water. Once again, being low porosity I'm generally trying to open my cuticle for as long as I can. By the time I'm dried off and out of the shower it seems to be fairly closed and squeaky smooth.

The most important thing is massaging my scalp. Since going CG and staying away from ingredients I'm allergic to, like aloe and mint, I haven't had ANY dandruff what so ever. I use very little poo. I actually try and place it as close to scalp as I can. I massage first, then wet my hair to get more of a lather, and let the suds run down the length of my hair. When I'm done I rinse.

If I low poo I can also skip clarifying, which is nice, cause I can over do it.

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