Ok, here are my answers so far....

- How many times a week do you wash your hair and why? I generally wash every day or every other day depending on how my hair looks, or like today it's just going to rain all day so I won't even bother trying to fix it though it wasn't good second day hair. It's a ponytail and hat day for me.

- Do you co-wash/low-poo/something else and why have you made this decision? I low poo pretty much every time I wash unless I am doing a baso wash (which I have been doing about once a week or longer). I am still using cones until I figure out what I want to try next and have fine/medium to low porosity (I think) hair so I need to reduce build up. I haven't even tried co-washing yet, and likely won't until I find the products I like and that work for me first so I can be sure they won't build up for me.

- What washing techniques (so things like warm/cold water, etc) work particularly well for you? Why have you opted for them? I like to shower in very hot water, so I do my low poo with that to open the cuticle. Then when I rinse out my conditioner I have been trying to do a cold rinse (though I HATE it and often end up with just cooler water lol) to close it back down since I am prone to frizz. I am still searching for the perfect products for me, but I have a couple of shampoos and conditioners I alternate between now based on how I feel my hair is any given day. I have also been experimenting with acv and using it a couple times a week either as a rinse or I am liking it mixed in with a bit of RO to help cleanse and close the cuticle more. It seems to help with my frizz a lot.

Before I went sulfate free my hair would be greasy by the second day if not the evening of the first, and I had a pretty persistent case of flakes on the top front of my head. Both issues went away with the change.