Wait...you're rubbing your scalp more aggressively when you co wash? I massage my scalp when Iow poo, it's essential for all cleansing, but you don't need to me more intense for cowashing? It's not good for your hair as far as raising the cuticle either.
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Yes I've been massaging my scalp really well. I thought it was essential for cowashing, as opposed to poo-ing where you didn't have to massage as much because the suds were helping to remove dirt.
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There is an article somewhere on this site that lists that as a myth. The suds distribute, but plenty of people have build up on their scalp from not massaging product and oil off. You don't have be rough though. You should always be gentle with your scalp and hair.
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I understand. Low-pooing, in whatever way I was going about it, never gave me any trouble though (other than dry hair which is why I started cowashing. But now that I know about leave-in conditioners and deep treatments etc. I don't really need to cowash for the moisture anymore.)

I understand about being gentle though but I always thought it was emphasized that you have to massage your scalp well while cowashing. The thing is, when hair is wet it is easy to pull out... that's why it's easier and less painful to tweeze your eyebrows soon after a shower than when completely dry.