Wow, this is like a chapter out of my own life story. I could have written every last word of this--except in our case it wasn't FB (wasn't around yet), it was porn and my lingerie catalogs--until I caught him. We went on like that for years. If I would have let him, my bf would have given me oral every day for the rest of our lives and been perfectly satisfied with that, but I'm betting the OP understands why that is not ok. For some women, that probably sounds like a dream...a guy who doesn't demand--or even want--penetration or oral himself, just wants to give you the best oral of your life as often as you want it. Awesome...a unilateral sex life. No thanks.

I'm just going to keep my advice simple because it's all right there:

What geeky said.

Some men are intimidated by a woman with a high sex drive--my bf was. There's a distinct possibility that you two aren't sexually compatible--I hope if this is the case, you can both identify this and move on before any further damage is done. It happens. Don't doom yourselves to a life of chasing something you can't catch.

Best of luck to you.
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