Well Jas now u know all about us FL curlies and how difficult it is for us.I'd say the droopiness is probably O/Cd. I'd definitely stop using any LI while down here. For me the more minimal I keep the products to, the better my hair behaves. I find using gel in this heat makes my hair very tangely, so I've stopped using it. I'd probably still seal though, since that usually works for you. Hope u figure it out I'm flying to Boston this weekend for educational conference. ..praying me hair behaves

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I know this is off-topic, but Shelly, weren't you experimenting with polyquat-free products? I just noticed that your signature says that your hair doesn't like polyquats. I'm suspecting my hair doesn't like it either, so I'm curious how you came to this conclusion. You can PM is you like so we don't spam Jas' thread.
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