Thank you for all of the replies! Geeky, I thought that your post was very helpful. We did do "other" things like penetration with toys and oral and it is nice but it doesn't really do much for me. I really do try to orgasm during those activities and sometimes I do but most of the time I do not. I have been trying to build up his confidence but nothing really seems to help him improve in that department. His psychiatrist said that having successful non-penetration sexual experiences would help and we have been trying that since January, but again, it isn't helping. Also, I am super worried about how abruptly all of this happened, it was honestly just like a switch was flipped. The day before we had sex and it was great. The next day, all of these problems started. I am really worried about his health and his self-esteem. More than anything, I want him to feel better. However, a great deal of his behavior has been very frustrating and confusing, like looking at pictures of other girls and how I could give him oral sex for over an hour and his erection is fine. In fact, I have given him oral many times since all of this happened and he maintains his erection for a minimum of 40 minutes. It used to be that he also preferred penetration and had a higher sex drive than I did but now that has changed. I wish he would tell me more about what his therapist has said and what else I could do to help but he always tells me that I just have to wait. I would be fine with waiting if he could tell me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel Sorry for another long and rambling post.