What is he wanting you to be waiting on....his ability to keep it up during penetration or what he and the therapist are discussing/working on? I may be in the minority here, but if my partner was having any problems sexual or otherwise I would expect to be involved with him fully.

ETA: I didn't say it was unusual for him to look at pics of other women. I'm saying it would bother me because of the circumstances.
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LOL, no, I wasn't suggesting that you did. I'm simply pointing out that most women (including myself at that time) think that "if he's not interested in having sex with me, he must not be interested in looking at other women." That's absolutely not true. Heterosexual men will want to look at other women regardless of whatever else is going on in their lives. That the OP should not assume that his looking at women in and of itself, irrespective of this situation, is necessarily a signal of anything. That was my only point. Even males in the most solid of relationships with great sex lives still like to look at other women.
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