I have nothing to contribute here but my sympathies. It feels like geeky was a lil hard on you, tho. Lol Bc it seems to me you are being somewhat patient & suggesting possible remedies & trying to work w him.

Ultimately, it's his problem, not yours. Not saying you don't have a lot invested in him & in your relationship. Or that you shouldn't care about his wellbeing.

But it's his body & his psyche & you can't make it happen for him. (As women we always want to be the fixers!)

You can be patient & wait. Or not. But you can't make it better. And you are not responsible for it. He needs to fix the erection problem & explain to you what's going on w the girlie pics, imo.

Are you sure he is sometimes ejaculating early? Or his he just pretending he did after he loses his erection?

I feel badly for both of you, tho.

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