I have nothing to contribute here but my sympathies. It feels like geeky was a lil hard on you, tho. Lol Bc it seems to me you are being somewhat patient & suggesting possible remedies & trying to work w him.

Ultimately, it's his problem, not yours. Not saying you don't have a lot invested in him & in your relationship. Or that you shouldn't care about his wellbeing.

But it's his body & his psyche & you can't make it happen for him. (As women we always want to be the fixers!)

You can be patient & wait. Or not. But you can't make it better. And you are not responsible for it. He needs to fix the erection problem & explain to you what's going on w the girlie pics, imo.

Are you sure he is sometimes ejaculating early? Or his he just pretending he did after he loses his erection?

I feel badly for both of you, tho.

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Originally Posted by spiderlashes5000
I agree except I think you definitely can help by taking the pressure off and being okay with no sex for a little while. He's probably mentally and emotionally frustrated/defensive and it's hard to relax and be normal when you know someone is anxiously waiting for you to change(even when they are not obvious about it). I've been pressured before, and even just a little reallllyyyy turned me off and for a while. It was a bad cycle.
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I understand and I have been trying not to mention it at all. I haven't said anything about sex since April and we also have not done anything sexually since April. But I feel lonely and a little neglected. I am worried that things will not go back to being even close to what they were and that this is some how my fault.