Loved yes to carrots but switched to cucumbers because I have color treated hair. I use it pretty regularly and love it. It's glycerin and protein free which can be hard to find. My hair loves it and my kids use the carrots now. Great price!
3a or b depending on the weather, medium texture, pretty dense, normal porosity.
Have to be careful of protein
cowash: Elucence and CJDF
conditioners: AOHR, CJHB deep fix,
LI: currently liking Marie Dean Mango Detangler, KCKT
Stylers: Usually mix very small amounts of BRHG with CJCIAB, HETT, DMMCG or whatever is under the sink and might work that day!
Latest discovery: Marie Dean Amla Hair Creme Proless works great on top of any gel combination. Well, at least in the current low dews!