The banana babyfood pt is also a cheap alternative.

When my hair starts feeling dry, mostly on third days, I mist my hair with water+ drop of conditioner. Then I smooth a drop of CJ Beauticurls LI over my hair, concentrating on the dry parts (usually the ends) and then scrunch while hanging my head upside down. When it is dry I pineapple for the night. Next day my hair has recovered and feels and looks great.

2b-c/3a med/fine- low porosity- normal elasticity, BSL
2B/C-3A) fine - low porosity
Wash: Daily Fix,SMT, Kesham, Urtekram
RO: Motions CPR Li, Inecto Cocos co, AO GPB, KCTT
acv-rinse, sometimes honey-rinse
LI: coconut oil (winter), CJBC-LI
Styling: AVG, Etos Solid Power Gel, Taft gel, CJPP
Plopping~Pixiecurl diffuse~clipping