I forgot to mention that I absolutely love the farmer's sink and hardware that you have chosen. Very beautiful.

For paint, I would be hesitant of any reds and terracottas because of the red in the cabinetry. I was thinking terracotta when I mentioned the tiles... but thinking more in the yellow family then the red. I do like the Tigerseye SW color -- I have had a client use that with cherry cabinets and it looks gorgeous.

Curlilocks, I would personally stay away from purples for too many accessories because purples can be a strange color. Use too much and it can get shocking. Go to the SW site and this time, use "bathroom" and pick the first one. I know -- you're painting a kitchen, but the wall and accent colors are more noticable in this setting. I think Lavish Lavendar looks too little-girly. Same with Vigorous Violet. I would think a deeper purple -- Concord Grape or Expressive Plum. I would also use more greens from the grape vines and leaves to accent then purple. Purple is too obvious when it's about a grape theme because grapes are purple. I'm not saying NO purple -- just limit it to a few pieces, maybe a purple vase and another purple piece.

Also, I don't care for the top of the valance with the grapes around the rod. What about a roman shade or a cellular shade with grapevine around the valance?

I remember HGTV's Room by Room did a Grape Themed Kitchen a few years ago. Maybe that will give you some more inspiration.
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