No worries, Chupie. You did a really good review. I happened to read it in the morning right before I went out shopping. I wasn't planning on going to Ulta or buying a blowdryer and just wandered in there while I was out and about. They had 2 deva dryers in the Deva product section, which I've never seen before. It was just one of those random things and I (eventually) decided to try it out. I really did pick it up and put it down 3-4 times before finally deciding to bite the bullet.

I tried it this morning but was running late so didn't get a lot of time to play with it. I think I'll really like it but there is definitely a learning curve. I have below shoulder length hair and found it awkward doing the whole length. A bowl diffuser is easier to use to cup the length from roots to end. However, the devafuser works great on the roots and mt hair dried faster even though I spent less time diffusing. I could SOTC within about an hour and a half rather than having to wait 2 - 3 hours. This is important to me as i like to wash my hair in the morning but need to be presentable for court by 8 am. I need to practice a bit more to give it a fair eval so I may do a longer report in a few days. However, I can tell others that so far I can't see anything that needs to be added to what you've already said. You did a great summary.

Almost forgot - someone asked me if I used a curling iron on my hair because I had a head full of s-shaped waves and spirals today. That happens once in a while but it's hit or miss. Still, a promising start....
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