I think it's important that anyone reading this knows that this is a very unusual situation
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My situation may not be in the majority but it is not singular. This is just a simple search on this site, not even going past page 3 of results:







Obviously other curlies are reporting the same problem. I'm not saying the problem is caused by the same things... some could be not massaging enough, others massaging too much, others could have ingredient sensitivities, but thinning is being reported with a certain frequency.

I think of it like medications. If let's say 5% of people report a certain side effect of a medication, then that side effect must be included in the "possible side effects of this medication include" part of the information packet. Sure, 5% isn't the majority, and it may not happen to you, but 5% means it has been reported enough to be relevant.

I really wish I would have read a "possible side effect of cowashing is thinning hair" warning somewhere, anywhere before I started cowashing. Then I would have been keeping a closer eye on the density of my hair, and probably stopped before I lost as much as I did.

That's why I've started these threads. But honestly I think that these warnings should be in the CG Handbook itself, as well as the "Introduction to the no-poo method" sticky as well as all the Newbie stickies. It's easy to miss a thread if you don't know what you should be looking for.

As a side note: yes I know other curlies love co-washing and have done it without problems and yay happy I'm glad. But your good experience doesn't invalidate my bad experience. Though I may be in the minority, trust me, you don't want to be the one to end up with thinner hair. We're all here to make the best out of our hair and help it be the healthiest that it can be.

I've noticed that in a lot of the above threads commenters aren't always willing to listen to the OP or even believe that they could be having a bad experience, or immediately assume that the OP is doing something wrong. Just because co-washing has worked really well for the commenters doesn't mean the OPs aren't having problems with the cowashing method itself without user error.

Trust me, I'm not here on a tirade against CG. I've been sulfate-free and cone-free for at least 3 years without even knowing what CG was. I started getting into natural skin/hair as I thought it was a healthier alternative. Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database | Environmental Working Group When I discovered the CG method and co-washing, it seemed like a natural step ahead. And I loved how my hair and scalp felt while co-washing, soft, moisturized, no buildup, no itchies. But then I realized my hair was thinning and it all went down the drain... metaphorically and literally I guess.

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