This morning I've put my hair up and -warned by this article- took a closer look at my hair and noticed that I could see my scalp through my hair!!
I remember that a while ago I noticed something of hair getting thinner, especially at both sides by temples and behind the temples. Well, it got worse!!

I was thinking: could this be caused by too much AVG?? I am using more and more aloe vera on my scalp, since I thought it was good to massage scalp with for more volume. But the roots are getting softer and thinner more and more..
Anyone else got these kind of troubles with AVG?

I don't have great hair loss or anything, but apparently the hairs I lost didn't grow back!

Okay, so I am going to leave the AVG out (on my scalp anyway) for a while and wash more regularly with Kesham.

I also use Daily Fix, does anyone noticed any of this after using DF on a regular basis?

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