Exactly what did you do to get your hair to look like that? For typing you need to clarify, no conditioner, no styling products, no brush no comb, no towel turban, no touching, just drip dry. Your hair looks styled, smoothed and parted there, that will kill curl pattern for most people in the 1s and 2s.
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I really disagree with the idea on not using conditioner. I've actually heard a lot of different things about typing. There isn't specific way to do it, and it's so subjective anyway. Like, some people believe you should only use a leave-in conditioner. Some people believe you should use a picture of your hair completely styled, and that way you will see people move up in curl pattern when they get a routine down. I agree with that, because then your hair type reflects your day-to-day look, and therefore you can make decisions about styling more easily. I think clarifying, then not adding any moisture, would totally kill my waves. I would just have a dry, nasty birds nest. It would be ugly. I'm not even sure someone in the high 3s or 4s could do that without getting some massive, awful tangles. Some people don't have much of a curl pattern at all when their hair is dried out, so I don't see how knowing their curl pattern in that state would be helpful.
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