Are you all not washing your hair? like ever?

Perhaps the leave-ins and gels are building up.

I like to say I am no poo, and sometimes find it better to just not co-wash at all, but lightly massage hair with water and apply condish - nightly.

Then once a month or every two weeks use a sulfate poo. It may seem like it defeats the purpose and is stripping, but products can build up...not just cones.

and I have noticed that I am 'seeing' more of my hair shedding. I never noticed it before. But if you are no pooing and letting it be curly, your shed hair has no where to go and when you finally detangle you may get freaked out at what is normal hair loss.

then again, if you are actually 'feeling' the thinness of your hair, it may be just that the products are coating and your hair is thinner than you thought.

these were my observations with my own hair.

happy hair growing.
growout from baldy since 10/11
modified cg; cones & mild sulfate 'poo
-cowash: fave 2: vo5 strawberry
-rinseout:herbal essencesbodyenvy;color mehappy
-leave in: infusium 23 repair/renew spray
-dc: gvp conditioning balm