[SIZE=2][SIZE=2]This morning I've put my hair up and[SIZE=2] -warned by this article- took a closer look at my hair and noticed [SIZE=2]that I could see my scalp through my hair!!
[SIZE=2]I remember that a while ago I noticed something o[SIZE=2]f hair getting thinner, especially at both sides by [SIZE=2]temples and behin[SIZE=2]d the temples. Well, it got worse!!

[SIZE=2]I was thinking[SIZE=2]: could this be caused by too m[SIZE=2]uch AVG[SIZE=2]??
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I'm really sorry this is happening to you as well. I don't know if it's the avg. Maybe? I know it is the second ingredient in the condish I've been using as a cowash so maybe there's a pattern.

I'm not sure that my hair likes avg... gels with it give me that flash drying effect and I used to use Kiss My Face Whenever shampoo and condish a while back and I didn't really like them. (Aloe is the first ingredient.) But I think it's a hair thing rather than a scalp thing. I thought the KMF shampoo + condish was too drying. Oh and when I was using those I didn't experience hair loss, so I guess at least for me it can't be the aloe by itself that is causing this.