Are you all not washing your hair? like ever?
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I co-washed for about 4 months and during that time low-pooed averaging around every 3 weeks.

and I have noticed that I am 'seeing' more of my hair shedding. I never noticed it before. But if you are no pooing and letting it be curly, your shed hair has no where to go and when you finally detangle you may get freaked out at what is normal hair loss.

then again, if you are actually 'feeling' the thinness of your hair, it may be just that the products are coating and your hair is thinner than you thought.
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Yes, yes, less on the floor, more in the shower. I had read this before and this is why I was never alarmed by the massive gobs of hair that were coming out during my cleansing/detangling sessions. Now I look back and DUH of course it had something to do with it.

The tricky part is knowing when the extra shedding in the shower is normal and when it is in excess. If your hair is thinning like mine is, the extra shedding is definitely in excess.

My hair is definitely thinner and it's not just that products are coating it. I've done 3 low-poo washes w/ a coco-betaine shampoo and left my hair mostly naked (except for a bit of Alba LI one day and KCKT another day) so that should have gotten rid of any buildup.

It's not product buildup, my hair is thinner. Not only does it "feel" thinner, but it's also lighter and I can see more of my scalp. And my ponytail is much smaller.

This is so frustrating. About 8 months back I got a haircut where the stylist heavily debulked my hair (causing massive frizz which caused me to seek CG to combat the frizz). I've been slowly growing it out (the shorter bits now reach my chin - the rest of the hair is mid-back) but now my hair is has thinned on top w/ this cowashing thing. So I have about 60% less hair because of these two fiascos now than I did about 1 year ago. And it will take over another year to get my hair back to normal, assuming it even grows back and I haven't done any permanent damage. Not a happy camper.

happy hair growing.
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Thanks, I'll need all the luck I can get.