I really disagree with the idea on not using conditioner. I've actually heard a lot of different things about typing. There isn't specific way to do it, and it's so subjective anyway. Like, some people believe you should only use a leave-in conditioner. Some people believe you should use a picture of your hair completely styled, and that way you will see people move up in curl pattern when they get a routine down. I agree with that, because then your hair type reflects your day-to-day look, and therefore you can make decisions about styling more easily. I think clarifying, then not adding any moisture, would totally kill my waves. I would just have a dry, nasty birds nest. It would be ugly. I'm not even sure someone in the high 3s or 4s could do that without getting some massive, awful tangles. Some people don't have much of a curl pattern at all when their hair is dried out, so I don't see how knowing their curl pattern in that state would be helpful.
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The OP is not a high 3 or 4 tho is she? It's not meant to be anything but ugly, it's meant to be more accurate than seeing hair coated in silicones and meant to 'level the playing field', not have one person use a light application of a light product and another use a heavy application of a heavy product.

Conditioner can weigh down or pull out looser waves particularly, as can brushes, towel turbans, finger combing, silicones .... Most commercial leave ins are packed with silicones and I have no idea how you would apply it without either smoothing or scrunching both of which are interfering with the curl pattern!

I have waves/ curls between 2a and 2c with conditioner scrunched in but without any styling products or diffusing. My hair looks much like the OP's today because I brushed it when wet so I can dye it tomorrow. I lost a massive amount of curl a few weeks ago despite doing most CG things because I accidentally used a silicone in a reformulated conditioner.

Even in frizz/ pouf you can see a curl pattern if any head of hair is left to it's own devices, you just don't get definition or clumping. Of course the best idea will come with a few weeks of CG, generally if you can see a 2a with dry typing you will get, say, a 2b with a few weeks of curl love so you will often see people state that in a typing thread.

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I was really sleepy when I wrote that. What I was trying to say is that curl type is more of a physical description. It can vary between seasons and locations. It isn't a static hair property. It doesn't need any particular method. It isn't unfair to have a person with heavy product application be a 3a and a person with light product application be a 2b. That just how they like their hair. It isn't important to product selection so much. It's more important to styling and such. Like, I'm a wavy so Im prone to flat top. Therefore, I think your curl type is how you wear it when styled, because that's how you hair normally is.

Also, wavy hair isn't universally weighted down easily. My hair takes a lot of product without being weighed down. And silicones don't always weigh down or particularly damage hair. It really depends on a persons individual hair. The main problem with silicones is they need harsh chemicals to remove them, but many silicone products can give volume and frizz control.

ETA: I kind of felt put off because in the morning I read your original post as being kind of snarky and mean. Like, especially the "what did you do to your hair to make it look like that?" Sentence. I'm sorry if that isn't how you meant it. Sometimes tone doesn't convey well on the Internet. Also, I might be projecting a bit if Im honest. I originally only really washed my hair with sulfate shampoo and brushed it wet/dry/all the time. When I started trying to wear it curly, if I did nothing to it it wouldn't have a curl pattern. It would just kind of expand outward. Conditioner gave me a curl pattern. Now if I did nothing to my hair it would still look 2b wavy, but when I started I would have pretty much convinced myself that it was just straight hair that was awful. The slab conditioner in your hair then let it dry untouched test was what convinced me I had wavy hair.
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