My situation may not be in the majority but it is not singular. This is just a simple search on this site, not even going past page 3 of results:

Obviously other curlies are reporting the same problem. I'm not saying the problem is caused by the same things... some could be not massaging enough, others massaging too much, others could have ingredient sensitivities, but thinning is being reported with a certain frequency.

I think of it like medications. If let's say 5% of people report a certain side effect of a medication, then that side effect must be included in the "possible side effects of this medication include" part of the information packet. Sure, 5% isn't the majority, and it may not happen to you, but 5% means it has been reported enough to be relevant.

I really wish I would have read a "possible side effect of cowashing is thinning hair" warning somewhere, anywhere before I started cowashing. Then I would have been keeping a closer eye on the density of my hair, and probably stopped before I lost as much as I did.

That's why I've started these threads. But honestly I think that these warnings should be in the CG Handbook itself, as well as the "Introduction to the no-poo method" sticky as well as all the Newbie stickies. It's easy to miss a thread if you don't know what you should be looking for.
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Side effects of specific drugs are reported and end up in the leaflets when there is causation not merely correlation or coincidence. They don't count all deaths or all digestive disturbances regardless of the cause within that 5%, they pick their 'subjects' for the initial studies carefully to weed out other reasons (eg. alcohol, other medications, comorbidities), studies are double blind and there is a control group using a placebo. None of that is being done here.

You are wanting a report of something in the handbook that has not been studied, could be down to either technique or anyone one of numerous ingredients. It's like putting frightening health warnings on ALL foodstuffs about food allergies and sensitivities regardless of the ingredients, anyone can react to anything at any time it's up to us to be mindful. Most of us are shoving numerous chemicals onto and into our bodies on a daily basis with no understanding of what they are or how they interact.

I do think it's very valuable to have threads like your other one so the issue can be discussed, but the title of this one is scaremongering rather than informative. If you later discover you have a completely unrelated reason for your hair loss OR an allergy to a protein or plant extract in the conditioner you selected then how are you going to take back your WARNING about co-washing?
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