I was really sleepy when I wrote that. What I was trying to say is that curl type is more of a physical description. It can vary between seasons and locations. It isn't a static hair property. It doesn't need any particular method. It isn't unfair to have a person with heavy product application be a 3a and a person with light product application be a 2b. That just how they like their hair. It isn't important to product selection so much. It's more important to styling and such. Like, I'm a wavy so Im prone to flat top. Therefore, I think your curl type is how you wear it when styled, because that's how you hair normally is.

Also, wavy hair isn't universally weighted down easily. My hair takes a lot of product without being weighed down. And silicones don't always weigh down or particularly damage hair. The main problem with silicones is they need harsh chemicals to remove them, but many silicone products can give volume and frizz control.
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Your natural curl pattern is what you are born with, what you appear at any given moment with different products or techniques is not your natural curl pattern. Otherwise everyone who flat irons or BKTs successfully is a 1a which is nonsense.

You aren't reading my posts properly, they would make more sense if you did so before disagreeing. I didn't claim ALL silicones weigh down ALL wavies nor did I say anything about damage!! I said silicone conditioners CAN weigh down loose wavies particularly and that typing is intended to level the playing field. Again as I have said people often acknowledge that in typing threads hair can be between a couple of curl patterns depending how it is treated.

I don't need you to give me the idiot's guide to the silicone family, thank you, I have done my own research.
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I'm sorry. I was being nitpicky. Ive seen your posts around the forum. i know you're really well informed. I edited my post just now as you were replying to say were I was coming from here. I think maybe I took your post weirdly personally? On this forum we tend to hair type styled hair and type our hair based on how it looks styled. at Least ive seen people do that here. I'm not sure about other places, or if I've been understanding it wrong.

ETA: Generally, I wouldn't consider it a natural texture if you're heat styling, using hair rollers to form curls, or chemical texturizing/straightening. I would consider it your natural texture if you're bringing out the curl pattern through scrunching or hair products.
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