NOOO its actually not. the trick is you really have to control your hair, use a paddle brush, keep brushing through it, and keep drying way after you THINK its dry, because sometimes you think its cold (and dry) when its really still damp. and then it frizzes. oh also the ends of your hair are really tricky, if your hair has a lot of layers like mine. but dont worry about frizz at ALL, my hair is always super glossy when im done. and considerably softer.
the downside is that it takes a while, the upside is your arms dont ache. and of course, your hair likes it too.
and dont think that standing in front of the fan is going to be freezing either. its like room temperature. i was doing it all winter in my freezing bedroom haha.
but i seriously love it. not as much as curly hair, but still. its nice to have a heat-free changeup.