OMG the way you describe it all: it's me!

I was reading the same articles today and was thinking the same thing: I have over-conditioned hair follicles! All the things you mentioned apply to me.
So I'm going to make sure that no conditioner touches my scalp for a while and see what that will do for my hair and scalp. I recently tried a conditioner treatment with a lot of oil, and my hair seems thinner than ever!
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We all have fine hair! Interesting. I know a lot of fine-haired curlies cowash w/ no problems, but I could see how our follicles would be much smaller than that of medium or coarse haired curlies and therefore the hair in overconditioned follicles would be sliding out much more easily instead of being strongly rooted in the scalp.

It's a good idea to give your scalp a break from conditioner for a little while and see if the thinning stabilizes. And measure and log your ponytail size!