Kathymack, thanks for your elaborate reply. I must say that my signature is not quite up-to-date since I don't use CJ CCCL any more.

I've noticed I can't do the gelatine PT too often and now that I have AO GPB, it seems that doing the gelatine PT would be an overkill of protein. I'll try and see what happens when I alternate between GPB and my CJ conditioner. Perhaps that does the trick.

Yeah, I've noticed the chemicals in BRHG. I'm wondering whether they could be drying as well... My hair generally likes natural products so I was surprised to get great results with BRHG. Do you perhaps have any recommendations for natural styling products? I don't have to fight frizz (luckily) and if it has good hold, my curls figure out the rest (at least, so it seems). I'm definitely eliminating polyquats. Right now, I'm still thinking about getting KCCC, but I'm open to other suggestions. I've looked at Shea Moisture Curling Soufflé but I'm scared it might be too heavy (several oils + shea butter) and it's ridiculously difficult and expensive to get here. Even KCCC is cheaper!
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