yeah it makes sense to not bleach the already-bleached parts. however, it really isnt that bleached. its ever-so-slightly lightened, so i think it'll be ok, esp since honey does ZERO damage and even makes hair healthier. im really cool with that.
and nooooo i dont wear a hat or a scarf on my hair, i think that's a little much. if i really cared that much i'd spray a UV spray on my hair but i dont color, so dont have any dye that might fade, and im not out in the sun for ridiculously long periods of time. but yeah, no way would i cover my head in the warm months, that would be super hot and annoying and my hair is never visibly more damaged, either.
thats a really good article, i love that blog so much.
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So you are only worried about visible damage? Then forget caring for your hair, just use products packed with silicones. They are excellent for imparting faux slip and shine and fool many a person into believing their hair is not damaged.

If any product lightens it destroys the melanin pigment, that leave voids in the structure of the hair: I don't see how it is physiologically possible for honey to lighten without damage and I've never seen a study backing that claim up. Honey is an excellent humectant, it certainly hydrates which is a temporary effect only so it does not make dead hair healthier.

UV light is proven to be very damaging to hair, particularly to lightened hair because it is already weakened and does not have the protection of the pigment, just as UV is more damaging to light skin. Never seen a hair protection product which claims any worthwhile SPF and the amount you would apply is no way enough to make any significant difference - think about the recommended amount of a high factor sunscreen you need to slather on your skin.

Your call, I'm done.
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Silicones are not that bad. I've been using them since I was a child and my hair has been doing fine.