My two cents. When I first went CJ, or really my whole life, I'd been convinced my hair was SO dry and my answer to all that was to use the thickest products I could. Argan oil, shea butter, etc. but once I started to notice a pattern of my hair liking a product and then getting dryer, I realized these heavy products were the culprit. They did the same things as silicones. I learned to become patient. Lighter conditioners don't give you the same instant gratification, but over a few weeks the moisture levels in my hair would level out and wasn't on this dry-coated yoyo anymore.

My leave-in conditioner is very lotion-y and I my rinse out strikes the perfect balance. Unlike you though I am protein sensitive. It makes my hair very frizzy and eventually crunchy. There is a little protein in my RO and that's all I need and can handle really.

You'll have more options than me. My scalp is allergic to many things, but I would look at the ingredients in your local products and go from there. Ignore what they say on the label or for what hair type they are for.