I'm not sure how to do multiple quotes so here goes. First off I have definitely improved my hair dramatically because of kathymack!!!! And I now use several of her products in her signature. But I believe that CJCQ has polyquats in it,double check the ingredients. The CJ strengthening conditioner also contains polyquats.

I used to use up to 3 different kinds of gel daily to help with hold, but realized that this was causing my hair to be dry and tangled. Using more natural healthy products, and minimizing the products I use in my routine has been very beneficial.

I found to not really like CJ conditioners, just didn't seem to do anything good for my hair. I am now using sevi pumpkin conditioner for my RO, thanks to kathymack again lol...I also like suave naturals coconut conditioner for cheap rec. I'd definitely lean towards lighter rich products than heavy oily ones.

I used coconut oil when I first started CG, and it was a disaster!!!!! My hair never absorbed it, and it Just coated my hair. It took me couple of months to reverse the damage ugh.

I'm also wondering if there might be an ingredient in GPB that could cause buildup issues. I had to do a heavy cleanser to remove all the buildup.I have very hard water, so I'm not sure if it was just some mineral buildup. I'm slowly adding GPB back into my routine, since my hair dose like it.

I really didn't give you any suggestions, but since our hair behaves the same; figured I could share my experiences. Good luck
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This brand Kathymack.. Where do you buy it? And you use their leave in and actual conditioner ?