Ok. First I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. It doesn't sound like there was that much time or experience shared. Nonetheless

I'm not a big "you're a bigger jerk cause you didn't say it to my face" person. Would you feel better if he took you to dinner, told you there ? And then sit there awkwardly or worse feel like you don't want to see his face a minute longer so you leave.

You can sulk in private and now you know it's over. No mixed messages or wishy washy stringing you along. Or worse using you.

Sorry wiregirl!
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This is very insightful, actually, and upon further consideration ITA with spider!

And it's true, some men just pull a "Houdini" when they want to break things off and you never hear from them again. Now, at least, you know. Now, onto bigger and better things! 8-o

eta: My last boyfriend and I ended our 3-year relationship over the phone. He was in St. Louis and I was in DC, so that's just kind of how it went down. In retrospect, it wouldn't have been any better or easier being face-to-face.

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