When I started cowashing 4 years ago, I noticed a definite increase in hair loss. I figured it was just shed hair that wasn't coming out due to products in my hair. When I stopped cowashing a couple of years ago, I lost much less hair even though I was still using products. A few weeks ago a tried cowashing again for about a week. I lost a LOT of hair. No more cowashing for me.
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Thank you for sharing. Interesting that your hair is also fine.

Did the hair that you lost grow back normally?
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My hair grew back fine. I didn't let this recent cowashing experiment continue on long enough for my hair to be noticeably thinner. I think in my case the extra manipulation required to get my hair clean is the culprit. When I use shampoo, I gently massage it for only a few seconds into the scalp area. I don't massage the length. The suds travel down my length as I'm rinsing it out and that gets my length very clean without any dryness. It works for me.
2C/3A, fine, higher porosity.