Hey Everyone,

Chas is doing well. He pretty much slept all day yesterday with exception of 2 push pops, 1/2 pop tart and a 2 popsicles and pain meds.

I'm still rotating tylenol/motrin because of the pain level. He ate a ton this morning...His eye is swollen and he can barely open it...but he gets more wiggly as the day goes on. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

The surgery was a must. Our doctor found that the muscle had slipped off the tendon so no matter how many exercises we would have done would not have fixed the issue without reattaching the muscle to the tendon. She's expecting great results. She seemed really excited to see that this was our problem. I'm just glad we didn't put the surgery off any longer and kept trying to fix it with exercise.

Thanks so much for all your well wishes.