Chloe, it is in season now and you should be able to find it fresh at Publix or even a farmer's market. Publix in Atlanta usually even carries it (farmed in Chile) throughout the winter.

I had to order the Foolproof Mudd myself after seeing your photos. I am pretty close to needing to knock out a bathroom wall to make room for more product)
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They don't have it at my Publix, but I'm going to check the farmers market.

Please let us know once your Mudd arrives (hopefully you won't have to wait as long as I did!). And remember to use a LOT more of this than you do with other products. I have found you can definitely use too little, but it's really hard to use too much! I glop it all over and make sure every piece is smothered in it, til it's making loud squishy seaweed sounds.
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