Thanks to the original poster, and all the other ladies who chimed in on this thread. I started CG in March, and I've become further and further frustrated by the amount of scalp that I have showing on my head throughout the process (it's been 2 months). I have to spend about 10 minutes trying to strategically pin my waves on my top and crown to try to hide all the scalp crack (I've discussed this on the 2 Forum). But it only seems to be getting worse, and the "cracks" seem to be getting wider. Sometimes I catch a glimpse and can see through my hair and sort of see the "horizon" of my scalp, if you can understand what I mean, and that is really devastating (I'm in my mid-30s).

All this time I thought it was because I was learning to deal with my waves, which have been getting more defined and clumping all the way up to the scalp, with a number of cowlicks to make things interesting.

But, I think I'm going to quit all the rubbing and co-washing, which I had been doing almost daily with Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture (I don't like the smell, anyway). I think I will now try to low-poo every 2-3 days, with Nature's Gate Tea Tree. I might pick up some of the Shea Moisture Shampoo others have mentioned and use them alternatingly. I also have Loreal EVERSleek Shampoo, which has no sulfates or silicones.

I hope to start seeing some regrowth on my scalp. I don't look forward to the babyhair frizz, but I know that is temporary, and I really don't want to get any more bald.
Started embracing the 2b waves in March 2013. I can't believe how immediate the difference, when I stopped using sulfates! Now I need guidance on most everything else.
My best guess so far at my hair profile: 2b, medium porosity, fine and med width strands, low-to-med density, medium length.