Chloe, sorry for leading you astray. I've lived in south Georgia, metro Atlanta, and northern Florida and i have no memory of ever being unable to find it fresh at Publix in any of those areas! I wonder if it is just a question of whether it is a "soul food"/country cookin' type of area. I would have bet money that you'd be able to find it there. I know that store policy is that they'll special-order frozen and nonperishable stuff for you if you mention it when they ask if you found everything you needed, but i am not sure whether that extends to fresh produce. I am making a mental note to ask my local manager about it the next time i go.

Do you diffuse or clip to get all that lovely volume on top, or is that just the magic of okra? What scent did you go with, and how do you like it? I have frequently erred on the side of "too much product," so i have scaled back drastically to work my way up to "just enough." I am sure that my previous practice of applying while damp vs. current experiments with applying while soaking make a difference in the amount needed to be effective as well. Sorry if you already told us, but how wet was your hair when you slathered in the okra gel?

I seriously can't get over how much i love your hair.
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