Once you stop co-washing, how long should it take before you stop losing too much hair? I stopped co-washing days ago and switched to a sulfate free conditioner. I washed it yesterday with the shampoo and used a rinse out conditioner afterwards and avoided my scalp. Then I used a little bit of leave-in and a gel. Then today, I skipped the shampoo and rinse out but still added a little leave-in and gel but I still feel like I'm losing too much hair in the shower and it's been at least five days since I last co-washed... I'm trying to be gentle and patient but I'm still worried.
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For me, during my 3rd wash (low-poo) I noticed significant decrease in hair loss in the shower. But I don't know how long any of this "should" take... I'm figuring it out myself. Don't give up yet and be very gentle. I also haven't detangled in the shower anymore. I come out, add some KCKT and detangle then... very gently.