Sorry to hear that hair is acting up again, Myrna. And yes I was about to suggest it might be AVG's humectant properties. (Too much of a good thing?) Especially if the problem you're dealing with is frizz. Might also be a combination of that and the glycerin in the Curl Keeper. Oh, and guys, when I said using AVG to "seal" I didn't mean in the traditional sense of just adding a barrier to the elements, I meant coaxing the cuticle to close so that your hair won't be vulnerable to the elements. It has to with it being slightly acidic and having just the right PH. It's why I add aloe to my FSG and why my hair likes KCCC so much, I believe. I also always look for it in ingredient lists and add a few drops to my leave in when I'm styling my hair near the fridge. (I keep my AVG in the fridge as it's the natural kind.) Also I know people can and do use AVG as their styler. I tried it but it didn't have quite enough hold.

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