Hi New_to_Curlz,

I tried making / using FSG once and definitely needed something else for hold. I felt like it weighed down my hair some too but at that point everything was weighing me down so who knows. It's cheap to make and fairly easy once you get the hang of it.
I'm really liking the Volumax Mega Gel, it makes my hair really shiny and washes out easily ( the Mega is hard hold, there's a 'regular' strength too). It holds well when I use it alone, lasts the whole day and scrunches out fairly easily. It's also pretty cheap so its definitely worth giving it a try. The only gel ive tried with it is the Max Green Styling Gel, its more jelly like or a light hold gel, when i do that combo my hair is softer but loses wave faster. I got a trim last week so I'll have to post the new pics from this morning.
I've never made the okra gel although its tempting, I'm still not sure what it does exactly. I'm using SheScentIt Okra Conditioner as a leave-in, it's a protein heavy repairing condish, I'm really liking that so I will probably try the okra gel at some point.

Glad my crazy posts are helping someone.
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