I had time to properly test my new dryer yesterday. I have to say I was very skeptical about this as it looks pretty gimmicky. However, I am really pleased with this thing and quiet impressed with the design of both the dryer and the diffuser. This time I used my old bowl diffuser first to partially dry the ends and length, then popped on the deva diffuser to get the roots and nape, etc. My hair turned out great - may have been my best hair day so far. The length had good curl and I had good volume at the roots. My hair was completely dry at least an hour faster than it normally is when i use gel. (I count the minutes until i can SOTC - hate the wet look). I often have to put a few clips in at the crown and I didn't need to bother at all after using the deva diffuser. The temp and air flow seem to be just right and the dryer is light and reasonably quiet. I particularly like the longer than average cord. All in all it's a very functional dryer. It's expensive but it feels like its well made and will hold up over time. I think this is a good option for those of us who have to work at getting root lift. If that's not your issue, then any good quality blow dryer would be fine and I'd shop for a good sale. But this worked great for me and I am very pleased.
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