Hey Ladies. Basically, my hair is DAMAGED! I had thick hair and was 3a-3b (I never can remember) and with all my flat ironing, my hair is incredibly thin and 2b but I've been pushing it to get to 2c. I dyed my hair which damaged it then dyed it again to a magenta color but it's been getting healthier since then. When I got my layers put in, my curls were more "alive"..my hair is two inches below the shoulder and growing SLOWWWWLYYYYYY..I figured it was because of the touchups with the magenta so I will only dye my whole head every three-four months (I don't mind my roots coming in dark)..I need help growing it out and getting it back to 3a/3b (preferably 3b)..I was going to just chop it all off but I didn't want to wait for it to grow back. I wash my hair twice a week, shampoo once a week with a shampoo specified for red hair. When I wash my hair, I usually just deep condition with organix coconut repair treatment and my hair is incredibly soft afterwards. I use a protein treatment weekly, it's the gvp one that is compared to joico. I've tried aphogee two step protein and that hardly changed my hair structure. After the shower, I apply some garnier fructis leave in, eco styler gel with olive oil, and coconut oil through my hair, plop, then air dry or diffuse for a few seconds because my hair gets unbelievably frizzy when I diffuse lol. Basically I really need help growing my hair out and trying to get it back to its once curlier state. Please help, I'm desperate lol.