Hey Curlies, long time no post.

So I've been CG since 2009, and naturally, without product, my hair has always been 2a-2b range, with some coarse hairs thrown in. Since the weather has warmed up however, I've been noticing a lot more "frizz" going on, even after hot oil treatments.

I decided to take a closer look today, and realized that all of the hair that is frizzing up is actually hair that is just curlier than the rest of my hair, 3a and 3b, that is poking out the canopy. This has NOT happened in previous summers.

Has anyone else had this happen to them before? Where part of their hair has changed and other parts remained the same? Did it grow into a more common texture over time?

Honestly I would love for my hair to naturally be 3a/3b without product, and I'm hoping this is new hair that has grown in, and the straighter hair is old hair that will eventually fall out and the new growth will be curlier. I have not seen these hairs fall out in the shower, and the majority where these hairs are, is down my natural part and crown.
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