Ok, I pulled out the kitchen towels, etc and most of them are more like Fabulous Grape, Burgundy, more of the deeper reds, not really much purple.

I like the Tigereye too. It looks like a deeper orange than the golder Anjou Pear. But I like them both. I actually painted the little bathroom scene with one wall of each and like it.

I do have to say that there *will* be grapes going in the kitchen. I already have all the stuff from my last kitchen, including italian ceramic fruit bowl and spoon holder, etc but they are the burgundy tones mostly. I guess I want a tuscan/italian *vineyard* theme! And I do have a grapevine that I usually hang over a window or archway.

I've always had a white kitchen so the grapes added color and didn't clash with anything. I guess I need to find a color that will work with it because I can't give up the grapes. :P

I like the valances because they remind me of an italian cafe or something but I guess I could live without them (the same valance is lying on the counter in my kitchen pic).

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