Is the fence yours or theirs? Are they cutting back the vine on your side or their side?
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i honestly don't know if the fence is on my side, theirs or right on the property line; a trip to city hall is in order. especially since they ruined one side of the fence when taking down their dead tree in January. they have made no attempt to fix it and it's bad.

my insurance won't cover it because i - rightly - told my insurance company when i moved in that i had no large trees on my property.

they did only cut it back on their side - silver lace vine grows fast and it was "reaching" out on their side. i may have to get a bunch of annual climbing vine seeds - nasturtiums, morning glories and moon flowers - and plant them along the rest of the fence line.

Maybe she got the vine to eat her horrible neighbors.
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oooooh, shades of Little Shop of Horrors! where's an Audrey plant when you need one?

at least they went out last night and weren't having one of their drunken parties with their stinky fire pit blazing away.

i finally mowed the lawn (jungle) in the back last night - it took ages because i kept having to stop and clean out the plant material from the mower. there's still more to do, but i leave the north side of the spare bedroom until the lily of the valley is done, and i need to take grass shears to the edge of the west flower bed.

(and yes, i'm posting at 5:00 am because my stupid stomach has been acting up since Thursday...)

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