Good afternoon everyone (at least here it's afternoon)!

I'm so excited because I might might might have found something my hair likes and which is really affordable...

It is called Luster's Pink XVO leave-in conditioner.
I only tried it once now, on dry hair (since my hair was a bit hard because of using BRHG) and it gave me so much shine and so on without leaving it greasy.
I will definitely try this product on wet hair as a leave-in conditioner tomorrow and keep you all informed.
It is supposed to give a good detangling option, to give shine (and I can testify that that is really true) and to give moisture.

I will also post the ingredients whenever I find them online/whenever I'm not too lazy to find my product upstairs and type the ingredients.

Good news:
- It smells really really good
- it seems to be not heavy at all (hair milk, not thick and so on)
- it is CGfriendly (you will notice that when I post the ingredients)
- it is quite cheap: for 230ml around 5 euros

Extra good news for European curlies:
It is available in Europe.
Extra good news for European curlies from Belgium or the Netherlands: I have found this products at Kruidvat.
You won't find it in every Kruidvat (only in a Kruidvat that carries hair products for black people) though. I have found it at Kruidvat Antwerpen, but they didn't carry it at Kruidvat Mechelen (probably because there are more black people living in bigger cities and they ofcourse do want to get "rid of it").