I agree with lcl0706 & PomegranateCurl, I almost put that in my previous post. When I first started PT's I did a DT after because I was 'supposed to', that's when my hair started to get over-moisturized (I was using other heavy stuff too). Once I started doing the wet-scrunch test in the shower I stopped doing DT's pretty much at all and my hair started to improve.

I know 'mushy' and 'straw like' are hard to judge without a frame of reference and I can't really give you one for straw since I have yet to over protein my hair. But I can say that mushy felt exactly like it sounds, like mud or mashed potatoes, it had no will of its own, I would squish it all together and it just molded to my hand then fell into really limp barely-there waves when I released it. Now when I do this my hair gives some .... not really resistance, but like it has some mass/form/solidity to it and when I release it the curl/wave is tight and holds. I imagine straw like hair would give real resistance to scrunching but again I've never experienced it so

Also, my hair is long enough that I can pull the length over my shoulder (all of it, not just part or half) and scrunch it and see the results. If your hair is too short for that I would recommend doing this in front of a mirror and using as large a section as you can, using only one clump is going to make judging more difficult, I would think. And your hair really does need to be wet, I do it after I've rinsed my RO or after I've quickly rewet my hair after I've combed through my LI, either way I am scrunching water out of my hair, I'm not just scrunching 'damp' hair.

Oh, I've never figured out the stretch test either, my individual strands are so smooth they slip right through my fingers. Try the wet-scrunch test next time you wash and go by that.
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