Thanks for the reply. I have been testing strands of my hair all night and I seem to get mixed results and I don't know if it's truly mixed or if the slight changes in my technique are all that change. Sometimes if I barely stretch it, and focus I can FEEL it shrink back once I ease up, but usually I can barely stretch it to do this. I definitely don't know how I would estimate how much it stretched since I can't see it, but more so feel it. I wonder if fine hair is just hard to get a read on for this.

I go back and forth I guess... some days I feel it's soft and overly moisturized, and then I feel it and think hmm... maybe that's dry. I really need a clump of each type of hair to compare it to I think rofl. It is like you said though... poofy and frizzy so it has a dry appearance and lack of shine because nothing is together.

I got desperate tonight and combed it out, which left it pretty flat. Then on a whim I took some of my biolage sealing leave in (which I had stopped using due to cones) and put that on my dry hair and then rewet it with my hands raking through. Figured I had F'd it up for the day and would start over tomorrow but I was just trying to make it soft. Low and behold... as it dried I had more curl and definition than earlier lol. I think I just need to go ahead and order some okra gel like I planned and try adding that over a leave in to see if getting that definition and some hold makes a difference. The trouble was I wanted to do a customized one and now I am so confused I don't want to misinterpret my hair and get the wrong additives. I just didn't want to use the very basic one since I wanted to love it for my hair.

I just got YTC and planned to use that as a RO and LI most days maybe switching back and forth with my regular biolage conditioning balm. Then for a low poo I was using Alba something or other that has protein, but it also has cones which I didn't realize until after buying it. Maybe the cones in that are causing build up, but I just cleansed so I dunno. Maybe I will just keep using those things for a bit and see how it is in a few days, and like I said order that stuff. I think the YTC is protein free, but when I researched it people said it helped lock in protein or something maybe. I suppose that could be wrong. There is just too much to think about!
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My other suggestion was going to be to check your products for glycerin and try avoiding that in your leave-ins and stylers but it appears your good on that. I agree with Chloe92us about needing product to smooth/define/de-frizz, I've tried condish only styling and my hair still gets poofy. I definitely need at least a light hold gel or jelly to keep frizz away. I've been using DermOrganics spray gel for the days I want to go 'product-free', its light and easy to comb out but makes my hair smooth, I don't get the nice tight waves I can with the hard hold gel but its a trade off for hair I can run my hands thru for a day or two. I found the DO spray gel at Marshalls for ten bucks, I also tried the Pantene curly spray gel, if I remember correctly it was a little harder to get my fingers through but still, one of those might hold you over till you get the okra gel. I generally apply the DO to dry hair, I spray it on wet hands and smooth/rake through and let air dry. YMMV
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