Advice please?? I'm considering chopping my hair into a layered bob or at least shoulder length cut. Right now it's about elbow length and layered.

I may get my hair cut as is (professionally, for once) just to see if that perks it back up and makes it easier to deal with first before making the big jump.

I just can't decide. My hair has always been long, and I like being able to pull it back - but then again I've never known anything else!

I am a dance teacher, and perform sometimes still, so being able to pull it back is nice.

I'm afraid of how my curls will react, though!! And if it would actually be faster and easier to style!

And I know my husband will probably weep.

Every time I get my nerve up to think about cutting it, I go to the salon and the stylist says "please tell me you aren't going to ask me to cut off all this beautiful hair". :/ Nice compliment and all that, but... It makes me lose my nerve! And makes me doubt myself!

Sometimes I think I need an "older look", others I think the opposite. So idk. Cutting is so permanent! It would take years to grow back!!

Maybe I'll start with the pro cut as is, and try a faux bob a few days and go from there.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!
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