I'm so sorry this happened to you. When I first tried to cowash my hair with Tresemme Naturals I hated it. I went months without doing it and I was having issues with the frizzies (extreme). Well that's when I discovered As I Am cowash. I started using that and got a 100% difference. I moved on from As I Am to Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp. My hair got more and more curly and less frizz. Now I use Naturelle Grow Ma ngo & Berry and Everyday Shea conditioner (I alternate them). I'm telling u this because what I discovered is that the reason why my hair hated cowashing is because of what I was using. IMO, Tresemme Naturals is not a conditioner I can cowash with having fine, low porosity hair. I have to have a conditioner/cowash that is formulated thin with LOTS of slip. I now cowash almost everyday with no issues with hair loss. When I don't cowash I wet my hair in the shower and put conditioner on it, let it sit while I wash my body, then rinse it out as the last step before I get out the shower. I shampoo my hair once a week with Kinky Curly Come Clean or Giovanni Triple Tea Tree shampoo. My hair has to have a clean palate once a week.

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