I know exactly how you feel. I have had really short hair, really long hair, and every mid length layered bob out there over the past 20 years. I can't see a down side to the cut you are considering. You will still have all kinds of options and if you want it longer that's going to happen regardless. I'd try it! Listen to your gut. Sounds like to me you are ready to freshen things up a bit. Change is a risk but the willingness to try something new is a key to staying younger and keeping the creative juices going. (Sorry to get all deep here - y'all may need to get out some boots and a shovel).

My former hair stylist felt she could cut hair to flatter bone structure, which I didn't doubt as she was very good. I really wanted longer hair after years of wearing a mid length bob. But after all her hints that I needed to "accentuate my bone structure" I eventually caved, got short layers all over and hated it. I knew what I wanted then and I bet you know now. I totally respect a good hair stylist and the expertise they have, but it's your hair. If you are ready for a cut you should do it.
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