I had long hair for ten yrs and cut 7" off it almost 2 yrs ago. I loved it at first, but I miss my length now. My hair grows very slowly so keep your growing speed in mind before making a drastic change.

If all you've known is long hair, cutting it will likely be very liberating. It was for me - Id gone thru a bad breakup and for me it was like starting a new life. Just be aware that it may take a while to grow back & be sure that's what you want.

I don't suggest shoulder length because that is hard on your ends - they're always rubbing on your shirt, coat, whatever. It's hard to get past that length & for me at least, it feels awkward and very "in between" - like it has no real style. Im finally getting past that length & it has taken forever! But it does look good on some people - I don't think it does on me & I'm glad to be getting past it.

There are pros and cons to each - a cute angled bob has a definite style factor, long hair is easy to put up when it's not behaving. I for one, do not think short hair is easier. it took me just as long to style it and I had to do it daily because there was no option to just say "eff it" and put it up. if you're having a bad hair day you can't hide it. With long hair you can do 2nd day hair in a bun or whatever. With short hair, your "2nd day" option is re-style, if you don't wake up with pretty hair.

Im all for taking chances & making fun changes if you're bored, not trying to scare you out of it :-) Just weigh your options & possibilities first. Especially if you consider your hair a real part of your identity.
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